English conversation with 140-character limit is hard for Japanese

This post is an English translation of . *1


While I was watching Building Microservices with Spring Boot LiveLessons (Video Training), I noticed that I can see the usage examples by executing curl without parameters.


I didn't know how to display the usage examples, although I knew that I can create an application using curl with parameters such as curl -d style=web .

I had tweeted about that because I thought it was very useful, then Stephane Nicoll(@snicoll) gave me a mention.

I couldn't express what I wanted to say in 140 chars because I'm not good at English, so I told him that I'll write that in this blog post.

What I wanted to say was...

I think it's better if how to use curl was on Spring Boot Reference Guide where Spring Boot beginners refer at first.

Having said that, however, I think it's not a big problem because I think most of users use Spring Initializr UI or STS rather than using curl to generate Spring Boot applications.

I'm sorry that I might have Stephane confused.


  • Spring Boot makes Java fun again. Thanks!
  • I love Belgian beer, so I want to visit Belgium some day.
  • I need to study English :-(

Edit on 12 Jan, 2016

Spring Boot Reference Guide has been improved. Thanks Stéphane!

*1:My friend, @xxputaxx helps me to write this English post. Thanks!!